'Hospital' - A Medical TV Series

'Hospital' is a medical television series introduced for the first time in Nepal to create awareness among the general public regarding various medical related problems. It is a joint venture of Annapurna Neuro Hospital and Pant Film Production and is based on real-life incidents where all the activities are realistically portrayed. Pant Film Production also tapes various actions within the hospital showing how far medical amenities have developed in Nepal. This show doesn't miss out social issues like negligence on taking regular medicines, recklessly drinking and driving, pessimistic perceptions of society towards some of the major health-related problems, and many more. Every professional in this project possesses a successful experience as a team player with an innovative, creative and action-oriented attitude to break new ground as well interpersonal skills to develop a common vision of their motive and to think strategically to put the vision into action. Please go to our youtube channel to view all 8 episodes of this series.

Concept: Dr. Basant Pant

Director: Mr. Sakar Pant.