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Annapurna Neurological Institute & Allied Sciences provides inpatient and outpatient Vascular & Endovascular surgical services. It includes both pre & post-operative areas and is fully equipped for major vascular and endovascular Surgeries.


Dr Sandeep Raj Pandey is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of the complete range of diseases and conditions affecting the circulatory system, including:


  • Aneurysms (abnormal enlargement of blood vessels)

  • Arterial dissection (tearing and disintegration in the layers of artery walls) 

  • Carotid disease (disease of the blood vessels leading to the brain)

  • Lymphatic disorders (diseases affecting lymphatic circulation)

  • Non-atherosclerotic vascular disorders (vascular diseases unrelated to hardening of the arteries)

  • Peripheral arterial disease (blockage of blood vessels leading to the legs)

  • Diabetic foot care/surgery.

  • Dialysis access & its complications management.

  • Vascular malformations (Venous Malformation, AVM)

  • Venous disorders (varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis)

  • Pain management including RF

We have the latest equipment for varicose veins treatments – endovenous thermal ablation of varicose veins.

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