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Temporary Shelters in Earthquake Affected Areas

25th April 2015 came out to be the dark day to Nepal as the Earthquake with the magnitude of 7.8 Richter scale hit hard causing death toll reach 8631. Thousands of people became injured and thousands became homeless. People are in desperate need of safe shelter.

With the aim of helping people who lost their house in this earthquake, Annapurna Neurological Institute has been building temporary shelter for the people in real need. Till now ANI has built 20 houses and the number is increasing. Some people and few organizations have donated in Neuro-foundation Nepal in order to help ANI build more temporary shelter and we are tirelessly involved in building and also training the locals to build on their own. We are making this small effort but blessings and words of thanks that we got from people made us feel that it was so much for them. We were more energized to move further and build more shelters.


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