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The Annapurna Neurological Institute & Allied Sciences Pvt. Ltd. (ANIAS), a full-fledged 55-bed multi-speciality hospital was established in the year 2009. The objective of the hospital has been to deliver & disseminate accessible high-quality medical service to the people of Nepal and which can be duplicated through standardization of the process. To achieve this service, the hospital has a motto of "The vision of ANIAS is to make the state of art premises which will have facilities to provide best services to the patients, to care for patients, to doctors, to other health service providers and to other professionals involved in the health service sector." It has been groomed from the start with the ambition of incorporating treatment, academics, research and public health activities and within a short period of time, we have achieved a functional wing in all these four areas.



The hospital is providing on average services to 180-200 OPD patients a day. On an average, hospital conducts 120-130 surgical cases in a month of which around 80% is neurosurgery. The hospital also conducts around 50 non-surgical inpatient cases in a month. It currently has a large hall to accommodate many patients at a time for physiotherapy, with 3 operation theatres, 8 ICU beds; and 5 ICW beds. The hospital is also facilitated with hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and acupuncture, speech therapy, lab, pharmacy, video EEG, NCT, ECHO, USG, X-ray, CT(64 slice), MRI (3T) facilities and hygienic cafeteria. It has also established Annapurna Health co-operative, a sister organization that facilitates savings and credits opportunities to the hospital as well as its staffs.


ANIAS has initiated insurance scheme (Jeeban Bardan Surgical Support) which is a self-help health scheme under Family Health Nepal that provides proper assistance to the members who require surgical support without the financial burden to the patient. It was started from Jhapa from Jan 2016 where around 4000 members have been insured. 87 members have been benefited from this scheme in one year of time. In this program, Family Health Nepal monitors their health status, provide proper guidance and assist them in their health-related issues while acting as a third party administrator. This scheme providing over 700 types of surgeries to its members at a customize package price that could make oneself free from staggering medical bills.


With the vision of electronic health record, ANIAS has started MHR (Mobile Health Record) mobile application which stores all the patient related medical information including checkup history, admission & discharge summary, diagnostic and radiological report, prescribed medication, operation note digitally in the internet which is accessible to the patient via unique username and password. It also includes health calendar with a system of medication reminder for drug adherence.



The hospital has National Collaboration with various Medical institutes affiliated with Tribhuwan University and Pokhara University. It also runs various kinds of training and internship program for national and international students including CCNT (Critical Care Nursing Training), Elective internship for MBBS students, and elective postings for nursing students. International Collaboration  Hiroshima / ANT / Kagoshima / ONISHI Neurosurgical Institute.


Planning for New Hospital & Services


ANIAS is planning to shift in an extended area with extended bed capacity from 50 to 300 bedded state of art super multi-speciality hospital which would be affordable and accessible to the local citizen. With the lower cost compared to international hospitals, improve the model of care, facility and services within new premises, ANIAS can act as a center for medical tourism for the people from various countries.


Further wide spreading the other three wings of the hospital, i.e. academics, research and public health ANIAS envisions to be a training center including elective posting and internship for various national and international students and also envisions to be a International research center. Through the use of new communication and information technology i.e. telemedicine facility, health prevention, promotion and treatment service would be provided for the people who cannot immediate access the hospital. ANIAS further plans to extend present insurance program i.e Jeeban Bardan Surgical Support insurance scheme to widen its scope and services and to pool the surgical risk of wider range of people.

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